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The name of this organization is TULAREMIA INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY. The abbreviations “TULISOC” and “the Society” are sometimes used in place of the name of this organization.

The organization was established in Berlin, Germany, in year 2009.

The official language of the society is English.


The primary purpose of this non-profit Society is:

  • To facilitate and encourage the assembly, acquaintance and association of scientists from all geographical regions engaged in tularaemia research;
  • To foster and encourage discussion and dissemination of the results of research and related matters of interest in this field;
  • To provide a means to convene appropriate specialists that will serve as a ready resource in the case of specific needs and emergencies;
  • To promote awareness of the field and of the implications of the research findings;
  • To promote education and training in the field;
  • To use the Society’s assets to further the objectives of the Society, as outlined in the Terms of Reference.

Date: 15.03.2010

Additional Information

TULISOC-Logo: Historical picture of Francisella tularensis
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